Cheats and Glitches

Club Penguin Glitches

By: Mixturey and Game Junky



Keep Dancing while you go into a igloo:

Step 1. Go to the town or anywhere in club penguin

Step 2. Next start dancing

Step 3. Go to a igloo, then you should be dancing!




Go to click the white part on the side now you are nubbing!



Astro Barrier secret:

Before you hit start press 1 2 or 3 keys on your keyboard to take you to levels 10 20 or 30!



Flashing text:

Step 1. Type “I saw a monster in a box”(or TACO 12 times

Step 2. Move your penguin around

Now you should see them Flashing!



How to catch the mullet in Ice fishing:

Step 1. Catch about 62 DON’T GO OVER

Step 2. Keep the next fish that comes on the line

Step 3. Then the Mullet will come and try to eat that fish



Walk on the light bulb at the beacon:

Step 1. Walk to the side of the pathway

Step 2. Click on the opposite side of the path

Then you should be inside the bulb!



Game Tips:

When your play cart surfer make your color lime green then its faster and it is easier to do tricks with that color!

One last thing! You can zoom into stuff on club penguin and see more detals and this is great for spys! you can read your code on some stuff



(Game Junky) how to shoot the hockey puck a lot of times in a row:

Step 1. go to ice rink

Step 2. make sure the puck is in the middle

Step 3.go on side of puck

Step the net your facing but don’t stop clicking

if you do this correctly you will shoot the puck about 5 times in a row.

Super Puck

(Game Junky) Make your name be Your Home (others can’t see this)

Step 1. go to the pet shop go in the pet catalog

Step 2. go to the yellow puffle page

Step 3. click the house button and drag, the Your Home sign will still be there

Step 4. exit out click on your penguin and move your player so the Your Home sign is covering its name.

(this works on other penguins also)

 My Home

(Game Junky) walk through fire

Step 1. go to cove

Step 2. go on left side of fire

Step 3. click on catchin waves house

you should now be walking through fire!

Walk Through Fire Bigger Version 

(Game Junky) non-stopping jumping puffles 

Step 1. go to pet shop

Step 2. put mouse pointer on puffle cage

Step 3. click and drag

the puffles should now be jumping!

 Jumping Puffles

(Game Junky) non changing player cloths

Step 1. go to player card

Step 2. dress your penguin differently

Step 3. click on another penguin while your player card is still open

Step 4. open your player card

your penguin should now be wearing different cloths then on your player card!


(Game Junky) how to make the screen fuzzy

Step 1. Go to a room that you can walk to another room from

Step 2. Click on a spot that takes you to another room

Step 3. While the screen is still loading press the + or – button

Now the screen should be fuzzy! 

Fuzzy screen

(Game Junky) giant non-disappearing bracelet

Step 1. Go to bookroom

Step 2. Go to the bottom-left chair

Step 3. Click on stairs, then as soon as you can click the books in the bottom-right corner

Step 4. Open Rockhopper and the Stowaway and go to the page with the big bracelet

Step 5. Click on it

Now if you don’t do it quick enough it won’t work


 (Game Junky) How to walk on HQ Desk

Step 1. Go to HQ

Step 2. Go on right side of desk

Step 3. Click on door to sports shop

Walk On HQ Desk

(Game Junky) Sit on Astro Barrier or Thin Ice

Step 1. Go to Dance Lounge

Step 2. Go in front of one of them (if it asks you to play say no)

Step 3. Click above the one your in front of

This is what it should look like:


11 responses

15 06 2008

hello! if you ever read this how do you make blog sites like this 1

22 06 2008
Jip penguin

Really cool glitches dude!!

Editors comment:.yeah i know!

22 06 2008
Jip penguin


22 06 2008
Jip penguin

lol cool.
hey there!! .
lol good huh

22 06 2008
Jip penguin

lol cool.
hey there!!

22 06 2008
Jip penguin


22 06 2008
Jip penguin


22 06 2008
Jip penguin

Hold your mouse and keep on this

22 06 2008
Jip penguin

Hold your mouse and keep on this

24 09 2008

Hold your mouse and keep on this

24 09 2008


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