Rockhopper Is Back!!!

24 01 2008

ockhopper has bringed a free item. But the Migrator is sinking slowly ( … I can’t believe it! I hope we’ll repair it in time!!!

Because you see… then we weren’t allowed to enter Rockhopper’s office ( . Oh well… I’m SURE that there will be something REALLY REALLY awesome ahead… and I don’t know why… I’m thinkig that we’ll be able to enter Rockhooper Island! )
~Yellow Crown
Also there is a Brand new poll.
Waddle on!
~Fosters1537 and Yellow Crown~
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Loads of new stuff!

20 01 2008

There is alot of BRAND new stuff today in Club penguin.

First there is a new poll.


Also there is a new pin.It is at the Forest in Club Penguin.Heres a Animation of it.

Also there is a new Furniture catlog.Here are the cheats inside.

the cheats:

For the pipe organ click on the piano:


For the mullet click on the tree.


For the moose head click on the cash register.


For the concert ligths click on the sterio.


Click on the fireplace for the Candellar.


Here is what the front cover of the new Furniture catlog looks like.


Also look all around Club penguin because it is really decorated!

Waddle on!

~Fosters1537 and Yellow Crown~

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Oh yeah also there is maracs in the dance club.


17 01 2008

just lookoh no! rockhoppers ship is sinking!!!!

new furniture

15 01 2008

the new furniture storage is here and awsomenew-furniture.jpg

Yellow Crown… is busy.

8 01 2008

Yes, school’s back. 😦 That means back to hell, back to HWs and back to miserable life…

but still I have time to do on the internet but still I cannot do enough things.

I’m planning about to make a gruop called: ‘The Waddlers’. Currently I’m working on this site: . That doesn’t mean that this blog/website is closed!!! We have to wait until I’ll find the solution to solve the problem.

Enjoy Yourselfs Waddlinging Afterall!

Yellow Crown

Hint: Stay tuned for some strange things going on this blog/website….

New wig catlog+New clothing catlog+New poll+New newspaper+Sneak peek for the next stage production

5 01 2008
There is a new wig catlog.


The new pin is at the Boiler room.


Also there is a new clothing catlog!Here are the secrets in it,

For the red viking helmet click on the cactus,


For the blue viking helmet open and close the red viking helment 4 times.Picture will come soon or this.

For the coffee apron click on the blue backpack.


There is a new Newspaper.Here is what is inside

  • It says that the new stage productoin will have lots and lots of capes!Maybe superheros?
  • It talks about the pizza parlor inside
  • It tells you the cheats for astro barlo


Wow the 50th pin!

Plus there is a new poll!


And here is a sneak peek at the new stage prestion!


Waddle on!

~Yellow Crown and Fosters1537

New Newspaper! And “I’m Santa!”

29 12 2007

There is a speacil christmas newspaper!Here is what is inside it!

The featured game is Pizzatron 3000!izza.jpgAlso they have Jokes and riddles in it like normal.They also have the announcment of the coins for change donuation!coinsforchangesresults.jpg

39.4% Went to kids health

33.0% Went to Environment

27.6% went to kids around the world.

A total of 2 billon coins were donated!Wow!

Also they have a new years eve celbration coming up.Its probably fireworks.


And here are the events coming up!


Also the coins for change page on the club penguin home page has been updated!

And I added all the missons on the cheats page and there is more holiday funny pictures!

Waddle on!~Fosters1537




Yellow Crown was Santa at Snow Flake! it was really cool! Check these pictures out!

screenhunter_043.gif I was alone at the cove… but then…

screenhunter_051.gif… guests came1 It was FUN! But…


… more visitors came! I was like Chewitt or paintboy, etc.!

screenhunter_058.gifI was bored and so I made a reindeer meeting…

I made new friends, buddies but… it was boring again so I went to the iceberg.

screenhunter_049.gifI told them that I’m going there so…

it was boring again!

 Then I went to the Ski Village… and told them about the Christmas Scarfs and so…

photos-181.gif… it was AWESOME!

 photos-189.gifBut my computer was going so mad!

 photos-184.gifBut I didn’t care…

 photos-190.gif… because I saw some superstars like: Tik, Videogamer7, and more!

But then it was time to leave.  😀 I ENJOYED  MYSELF!