Misson 6 Help

27 01 2008

Misson 6:

1.Talk to G and he will start up his machine.

2.It will explode and the crab will run out so chase the crab.

3.when you get up to the moutain top,you will chase him down and you will loose your map.

4.Follow the crab and he will end up going into a door you cant go.

5.If you leave the door go to a log stump and you will see a Black puffle.Go ahead a little and there will be a sack of puffle-0s.

6.Go to your inventory and click on tools button on your spy pohne and get the scissors.Then click on the rope.The puffle Os will goflying down and you grab them.

7.Give one to a puffle and it will follow you.Go to the door and place a puffle-0 rigth where the flap is and he will open the door.

8.You will go in and a polar bear will capture you.Quicly go througth it to save time.Then he will have you in bars.

9.Use the arrows to move over the this place where there is a lever thats red.Put a puffle berry on there and he will get on it.

10.Next there will be a thing where water is flowing down it.Put a berry on it and he will go to it.Then put a Puffle-0 on the silver platform just next to it.You will be out of the Bars and You must go over to the Rigth.

11.Now you will see quite a bit of junk.Get the items that I say:A rope.A Blue Map,An anchor,And last of all,A Bottle of Hot Sause.

12.Go over a bit and click on the door.It will open but snow will block it.Combine a Puffle Berry will the hot sause and feed it to the puffle.He will then go flying up in the sky and whiz througth the Snow and you can then get out.

13.Go to the black montin and then compine the rope with the Anchor.Click at the top with it and you will be up there.

14.You are in Club Penguin so now go to the Ski Lodge and go to the Gone Fishing game door.Inside it will show the Polar bear making his machine.

15.Get out of the room and go to the dock and then go to the ligthhouse and make your way to the Town and travel into the Plaza.Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the Penguin working at the Pizza parlor.

16.Tell him you want a sea weed Pizza and he will put it on the counter.Grab it and put it in your inventory.Go all the way back to the polar bear and give him the Sea Weed Pizza.

17.He will eat it and the Crab will come througth and hit him and they will fall in the ice.

18.Proffeser G will come and you will talk to him.He will ask if you found anything and give him the blue map.Then you will succesfully beat misson 6.Get the medal and reward and exit the misson.

19.And you Beat it and you have all 6 Missons done!

Theres the guide!

~Fosters1537 and Yellow Crown~

(No copying without leaving a link to Fosters1537.wordpress.com and Yellowcrown.wordpress.com)Thanks! 😀




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27 01 2008

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