Loads of new stuff!

20 01 2008

There is alot of BRAND new stuff today in Club penguin.

First there is a new poll.


Also there is a new pin.It is at the Forest in Club Penguin.Heres a Animation of it.

Also there is a new Furniture catlog.Here are the cheats inside.

the cheats:

For the pipe organ click on the piano:


For the mullet click on the tree.


For the moose head click on the cash register.


For the concert ligths click on the sterio.


Click on the fireplace for the Candellar.


Here is what the front cover of the new Furniture catlog looks like.


Also look all around Club penguin because it is really decorated!

Waddle on!

~Fosters1537 and Yellow Crown~

(There is no copying the pictures unless you leave a link with Yellow Crowns blog.)

Oh yeah also there is maracs in the dance club.




4 responses

21 01 2008

Hey YC! What’s up hey did you say fastrani can use and take our monkey kingdom designs if you did or didn’t go to his site: Fastrani.piczo.com , and say he CAN”T use our designs and also YC can you buy the site at: 1and1.com or GoDaddy.com and buy a site design and Make the site: MonkeysKingdom , Its not taken Also When you buy it please email me the User And Password

And Also I’ll start getting more designs for MK.

(i’ll email you this too incase you don’t see it.)

22 01 2008

People. You should all go see my blog. It’s about Club Penguin,

and I have two other people who write for my blog, so if you

don’t like me, chances are, you’ll like one of the other two

people. But you’ll probably like me anyway. I like this blog and

my own blog, and hope for viewers and responses.
Please do visit my blog. It is really good, and even has a poll

and funny pictures.
Feel free to comment with your penguin name and/or email, so

I can contact you, and then I know who visits my blog. You



24 01 2008

this is the last thing i want:

A Banner That Is Dragon Play VS Club Penguin

Please Find Some Dragon Pictures and make a banner for me thats big and it says: Dragon Play VS Club Penguin With Some Penguins WIth Swords and guns and dragons with swords and guns and also put a rockhopper thats orange with NO beard only the hat on the penguin side I really really need that banner and i know it will be hard but i need it before 24 hours so on your next message put the link for the Famous Dragons Banner and Dragon Play VS Club Penguin Banner, If you give me the banner by tommarrow i will make you a character in the video also Can you please join: DragoSpace.Ning.com and FamousDragons.ForumArena.com

ps Can you give me the pig but make it smaller with the crown also it will be awesome if you make the pig regular size with a cp yellow crown that will look awesome please please give me the pictures on your next message

pss also sorry for asking for some much designs but i only need those and thats it except if you wanna make stuff for monkey kingdom…..

Also yellow can you buy the Monkey Kingdom domain at 1and1.com because you can’t buy it with paypal you need credit card info. so you need to buy it or give me the info and i’ll buy it also Yellow crown please make more designs for monkey kingdom

1 last thing: i need a header for Famous Dragons Blog the blog is: FamousDragons.blog.com , so can you make a header please and send it to me on your next message.

Your Friend,

(also If you want me to help you on your blog i will be more then happy to My wordpress account email is: rida_alazmah@yahoo.com and also My name is orangecory on wordpress since that was my old site’s name and my other penguin’s name.)

24 01 2008

Hey yellow crown can you make it to my party saturday? The invite ie on my site.

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