new furniture

15 01 2008

the new furniture storage is here and awsomenew-furniture.jpg




2 responses

15 01 2008

Ya the new organisation is cool! Id love 2 meet u once.. Ive once already tried to look 4 u on the server Bunnyhill but u werent there. If u have time could u tell me?? thx. BTW could u add me to ur blogroll???
Yellow Crown: Sure!

15 01 2008
Wolfie (To: Yellow Crown)

Hello Yellow Crown! Me And The Real ScreenHog (Please Believe Me I swear to god he’s real!) Are Working On A New Site; ScreenHog Design And We Agreed You Should Be A Moderator and YES you can help me with Monkey Kingdom, You Can Be The Designer Moderator also For Famous Dragons You Need To Make A Banner So When Your Done With It Post It On also If You Wanna work on ScreenHog Design You Must Edit This Picture; , And Add A YELLOW crown To It Then Post The Link Of It On Famous Dragons And Say You Wanna Join ScreenHog Design And Your In! Also Can You Create More Stuff At Monkey Kingdom Contact Me At:

CyA! Yellow Crown; Please Hurry Up With The Designs.


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