Yellow Crown… is busy.

8 01 2008

Yes, school’s back. 😦 That means back to hell, back to HWs and back to miserable life…

but still I have time to do on the internet but still I cannot do enough things.

I’m planning about to make a gruop called: ‘The Waddlers’. Currently I’m working on this site: . That doesn’t mean that this blog/website is closed!!! We have to wait until I’ll find the solution to solve the problem.

Enjoy Yourselfs Waddlinging Afterall!

Yellow Crown

Hint: Stay tuned for some strange things going on this blog/website….




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9 01 2008
perpear (not logged in)

Hey Yellow Crown. Sorry I haven’t been on lately. I just got bored of having to work on my blog everyday, so I just took a holiday break, I guess. Do you forgive me?
Yellow Crown:
I won’t forgive you when: Pigs Can Fly
I forgive you: FOREVER!

9 01 2008

School is nothing but hell

10 01 2008

I know fosters. I have exams. *crys*

11 01 2008

hey its katie remember me go visit my blog plz thx ur my best friend!!!!
Yellow Crwon: KATIE! I tought that you din’t like cp anymore! Gald that you’re back but… I don’t know your URL… I forgot it. 😳 It’s becuase of school 😡 … it helps me to forget LOTS of things!
Update: Oh! I foud your ‘old’ blog and your new blog! Maybe school isn’t that bad :mrgreen:
Guys her URL (web adress) is:
and the new one is:

11 01 2008
Mr Squeakens

Yeah, every week in January has some sort of shorting of school 😀 (for me)

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