New wig catlog+New clothing catlog+New poll+New newspaper+Sneak peek for the next stage production

5 01 2008
There is a new wig catlog.


The new pin is at the Boiler room.


Also there is a new clothing catlog!Here are the secrets in it,

For the red viking helmet click on the cactus,


For the blue viking helmet open and close the red viking helment 4 times.Picture will come soon or this.

For the coffee apron click on the blue backpack.


There is a new Newspaper.Here is what is inside

  • It says that the new stage productoin will have lots and lots of capes!Maybe superheros?
  • It talks about the pizza parlor inside
  • It tells you the cheats for astro barlo


Wow the 50th pin!

Plus there is a new poll!


And here is a sneak peek at the new stage prestion!


Waddle on!

~Yellow Crown and Fosters1537




5 responses

6 01 2008

Wait… Fosters?
You’re a Mod on this site?
Could ya add me to your Blogroll?
I’ve added this site already.

~ Tiristern
Head Buster of the Club Penguin Mythbusters!

6 01 2008
Wolfie (first design for FD)

we need 1 thing for famous design; We need a banner with cool text saying Famous Dragons with 2 cartoon dragons standing on each side 1 color: Orange; the other color lime green. (since your the designer you only have 50 hours to finish it………..)

post it on the site.

also we made a page about you on that FamousDragons.

6 01 2008

hi yellow crown can you make me some banners for mc im the owner of it all the pictures you made for it can u give it to me? And make me some designs?

6 01 2008

hi yellow crown can you give me the designs you made for mc and give me the designs that you made already for mc and make me some new ones plz im making a page baout you on my site but can you make me some designs and give me the ones you already made? Thanks! Please?
~ The owner of MC Fastrani

7 01 2008

I found your site and I think it is wonderfull 😉

It’s very funny your blog and I used to visit it last time!!

I just want to ask one question:

Is it true that in Malta now you use EURO coins??
I collect coins, thus I am interested to know how the maltese Euros are 🙂

Kind regards
Yellow Crown: Yes, here in Malta we are using the euro coins since 1st January 2008 (that means abot 8 days ago we started using it!). Well… the euros are currently just madness, nothing else! 😛 Anyway, if you’d like to know how the Malteze Euro cons are enter on: or:
Maybe I’ll post about Malta… it’s very nice and interesting to tell your friends about your life and how life is in Malta, culture, etc.

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