Classic Christmas Party Review!

27 12 2007

The Party looks great! I like last year’s Christmas Party more than this year’s though. 😐 But I still like it! πŸ™‚ Anyway, many penguins said that many of Club Penguin’s rooms are decorated and i has got some secrets! Let’s start my review!

The Town

The Town is full of Christmas Decorations! And it’s like you are at the Victorian Times. They changed the building, too!

The Plaza

The Plaza includes the Coins For Change station and you can take a free item bell!

The Beach

Beware of the Snowman right behind you if you’re going to sunbathe! The Beach was the Coins For Change station too and you get get the free bell. The free bell is for all players. The Lighthouse has been changed into a HUGE Christmas Tree.

The Ski Village

Its building are changed into Victorian Times, too! Don’t forget to light it up!

The Cove

This room (The Cove) is my favourite room! It has Santa Clause ‘s Sleigh, where you can pretend to be Santa or A Reindeer like: Dasher, Rudolf and much more! also, you can take a photo with Father Christmas! Just say: “Cheese!”, smile and waddle on happily with your photo and you can talk to Santa Penguin!

The Forest

Now, I love that place! You can click on the train ‘s mine (this is a secret) and out comes the sound of “Choo-Choo!” and the trains appears! πŸ™‚ How cute!

The Beacon


Very well decorated and there is a part of the Christmas tree which is located at the beach.

The Night Club

Just like last year’s but the music is cool!

I’ll post the “I am Santa” post in a few seconds.




3 responses

27 12 2007

hello I am Wolfie and I want a banner like u made for fano, Club Monkey, can u make me 1 but Monkey Kingdom and it has like 4 of those monkeys? when your done post the link on , And You WILL be rewarded!

(can u plz get it done in 25 hrs.?)

27 12 2007

I have to agree with you on the Cove. It is the best room.

28 12 2007

Yeah! the christmas party was awesome! BTW could you maybe comment on my site??? Thanks

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