16 12 2007




Club penguin has really done a good job this week!First,there is coins for change now!



Coins for change is at two locations.The beach and the Plaza.Also there is a free bell in the two areas.If you wave then the bell will ring!


Also There is three Brand new postcards!!


Also There is a brand new stage production going on!


If you click on some of the props on the stage then you will see them move.Also the yellow puffle still pops up if you click on the two heads.



Also there is a new furniture catlog!


Here are the cheats for the furniture catlog:

For the pipe organ click on the black piano.


For the concert ligths click on the sterios middle.



For the Moose head click on the Cash register.



For the mullet click on the ficus plat.


For the candeller click on the fire pit.


Also they have a new igloo catlog!They just brougth back the snow globe and ice castle.I will post the picture for the igloo catlog and the cheats in the igloo catlog.

Also the Igloo contest starts so start decorating your igloo!

Cheat for coins for change:

Click on the donate button.Then click on a coin amount that is higher then the amout of money you HAVE.Then click it and it will say you do not have enough coins.Next go to your invertory.Go to your clothes and then go to the bottom and there will be a thing that says coins for change on it!Click on it and a letter will pop up that looks like this.


Then you will have a free card!

Waddle on!-Fosters1537




8 responses

17 12 2007

hey yellow crown. Can you help my site get more veiws?

So do yuo play any sports?

17 12 2007
Yellow Crown

To tell you the truth I once was a hockey champion. 😛 Nowadays… I train with hard hockey player.

18 12 2007

I like basketball!

19 12 2007

yeah! CFCs cool (Coins for Change) cool idea helping other people! Did u know, when you dont have enough money and you still want to donate, you still get the “Thanks for Donating” letter? So without donating you get a letter saying “THANKS FOR DONATING!” lol. BTW Im doing a small CP Christmas party on the 29th! Heres the Invit. Pic:

I hope you can come

19 12 2007
Alvis Br

can you plz add me to your blogroll? I added you to mine.

20 12 2007
perpear (not logged in)

I’m sorry Yellow Crown. I just got so mad because nobody, not even you were commenting for a long time, and it made me think when my penguin was banned forever, everyone was disappointed and decided to stop liking me cause they didn’t want to hang out with somebody who does something that bad. And, I have a confession to make: I never was even going to delete my blog. I thought by saying I might delete my blog would make you guys come comment on my blog and pay attention to me because you didn’t want me to delete my blog. I just wanted more attention. If that makes you mad, this is what I have to say.lying to his friends was the way to get attention, but I was wrong. So, you’re still my friend, if I’m still your friend.
Yellow Crown: Hmm… there is a sentence that doesn’t discribe you well, so I edited it! 🙂 Merry Christmas!:
“I am an awesome guy who thought…”

20 12 2007

Its ok perpear.Im glad your back

21 12 2007

Hey yellow crown. Whats up? You wanna join my army/ Visit http://penguinscorpia.wordpress.com/

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