New Newspaper! And “I’m Santa!”

29 12 2007

There is a speacil christmas newspaper!Here is what is inside it!

The featured game is Pizzatron 3000!izza.jpgAlso they have Jokes and riddles in it like normal.They also have the announcment of the coins for change donuation!coinsforchangesresults.jpg

39.4% Went to kids health

33.0% Went to Environment

27.6% went to kids around the world.

A total of 2 billon coins were donated!Wow!

Also they have a new years eve celbration coming up.Its probably fireworks.


And here are the events coming up!


Also the coins for change page on the club penguin home page has been updated!

And I added all the missons on the cheats page and there is more holiday funny pictures!

Waddle on!~Fosters1537




Yellow Crown was Santa at Snow Flake! it was really cool! Check these pictures out!

screenhunter_043.gif I was alone at the cove… but then…

screenhunter_051.gif… guests came1 It was FUN! But…


… more visitors came! I was like Chewitt or paintboy, etc.!

screenhunter_058.gifI was bored and so I made a reindeer meeting…

I made new friends, buddies but… it was boring again so I went to the iceberg.

screenhunter_049.gifI told them that I’m going there so…

it was boring again!

 Then I went to the Ski Village… and told them about the Christmas Scarfs and so…

photos-181.gif… it was AWESOME!

 photos-189.gifBut my computer was going so mad!

 photos-184.gifBut I didn’t care…

 photos-190.gif… because I saw some superstars like: Tik, Videogamer7, and more!

But then it was time to leave.  😀 I ENJOYED  MYSELF!






Classic Christmas Party Review!

27 12 2007

The Party looks great! I like last year’s Christmas Party more than this year’s though. 😐 But I still like it! 🙂 Anyway, many penguins said that many of Club Penguin’s rooms are decorated and i has got some secrets! Let’s start my review!

The Town

The Town is full of Christmas Decorations! And it’s like you are at the Victorian Times. They changed the building, too!

The Plaza

The Plaza includes the Coins For Change station and you can take a free item bell!

The Beach

Beware of the Snowman right behind you if you’re going to sunbathe! The Beach was the Coins For Change station too and you get get the free bell. The free bell is for all players. The Lighthouse has been changed into a HUGE Christmas Tree.

The Ski Village

Its building are changed into Victorian Times, too! Don’t forget to light it up!

The Cove

This room (The Cove) is my favourite room! It has Santa Clause ‘s Sleigh, where you can pretend to be Santa or A Reindeer like: Dasher, Rudolf and much more! also, you can take a photo with Father Christmas! Just say: “Cheese!”, smile and waddle on happily with your photo and you can talk to Santa Penguin!

The Forest

Now, I love that place! You can click on the train ‘s mine (this is a secret) and out comes the sound of “Choo-Choo!” and the trains appears! 🙂 How cute!

The Beacon


Very well decorated and there is a part of the Christmas tree which is located at the beach.

The Night Club

Just like last year’s but the music is cool!

I’ll post the “I am Santa” post in a few seconds.

Merry Christms!

25 12 2007

Sorry, about the late post, I was busy tracking Santa! 🙂 Anyway, the Christmas Scarf is out!



Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year! Thank you for helping me and being my friends this year. I hope that next year my dream that I have been always prepairing of will come true. Some if you know what I’m saying 😉 ❗

“I am Santa!” post is coming soon! it’s COOL!

2005 Christmas scarf Is back and Merry Christmas!

23 12 2007

The Christmas scarf from 2005 is back!It is at the ski village!


Also merry christmas!


Also Fosters1537 will add some holiday funny pictures soon on the lol pics page.

Christmas Party!

21 12 2007

There is a Club penguin Christmas party going on now!There are 4 free items!

There are Santa hats at the Snow Forts.


Also almost all of Club penguin is decorated so Explore around.
There is A new pin at the Top floor of the ski lodge by The Rocking horse.


There is a Some reindeer antlers at the Dock.



There are Christmas scarfs at the bottom of the mountain.



The scarf are now gone! >:-C !!! If they aren’t the future Christmas items that Billybob has said about he’ll be REALLY sorry! ~ Yellow Crown


Also in the Club penguin shop,They have a Astro-Barrier T shirt now!


I’ll post secrets later! ~ Yellow Crown

16 12 2007




Club penguin has really done a good job this week!First,there is coins for change now!



Coins for change is at two locations.The beach and the Plaza.Also there is a free bell in the two areas.If you wave then the bell will ring!


Also There is three Brand new postcards!!


Also There is a brand new stage production going on!


If you click on some of the props on the stage then you will see them move.Also the yellow puffle still pops up if you click on the two heads.



Also there is a new furniture catlog!


Here are the cheats for the furniture catlog:

For the pipe organ click on the black piano.


For the concert ligths click on the sterios middle.



For the Moose head click on the Cash register.



For the mullet click on the ficus plat.


For the candeller click on the fire pit.


Also they have a new igloo catlog!They just brougth back the snow globe and ice castle.I will post the picture for the igloo catlog and the cheats in the igloo catlog.

Also the Igloo contest starts so start decorating your igloo!

Cheat for coins for change:

Click on the donate button.Then click on a coin amount that is higher then the amout of money you HAVE.Then click it and it will say you do not have enough coins.Next go to your invertory.Go to your clothes and then go to the bottom and there will be a thing that says coins for change on it!Click on it and a letter will pop up that looks like this.


Then you will have a free card!

Waddle on!-Fosters1537

The VERY first Club Penguin’s Start?

13 12 2007

I was searching on “Way Back Machine” ( about Club Penguin. I found out that Penguin Chat 3 was located at Rocket , about 4 years ago. I already know that. But I didn’t know, and you didn’t know that:

  1. Penguin Chat was the Rocket Snail’s first start.
  2. Rocket Snail  did not make Penguin Chat! It was made by a small number of people. To enter Penguin chat enter:
  3. The Hydro-Hopper (one of Club Penguin’s oldest game) game was from Rocket It was called: “Balactic Biscuit” as it was named for along time in Club Penguin and it was changed since last September 2007 (I know that some of you know that the name was changed in Club Penguin).
  4. The Manacala game was in Rocket Snail, too!
  5. New Horizon Interactive bought some stuff from Rocket Snail. Example; When you enter into a room in Club Penguin, the loading arrow turns clockwise against the other arrow.
  6. Rocket Snail gave Penguin Chat 3 the same motto that Club Penguin now has. That is: Waddle around and meet new friends!
  7. The game: ‘Letter Lasso’ which is in, was first made on Rocket! Its name was: “Word Crunch”. If you’d like to see why does ‘Letter Lasso’ is similar to Club Penguin, click on “New Game” when you start the game: ‘Letter Lasso”, and you’ll see the word: “new!”. If you enter Club Penguin and see the word near the newspaper: “new!” is just like “Letter Lasso”‘s!
  8. Rocket Snail made lots of chatting games like Penguin Chat 3 like:
  • Crab Chat

Created for Barefoot Ministries
Players can select from four colourful crabs, build sand castles, and chat with friends.

  • Chibi Friends Chat

Created for
Carriere Entertainment
Chibi Friends members can select from 12 characters and
join the party at Club Sapphire.

  • Goat Chat

Created for UP2U Awards
Visit the farm and chat with
the goats.

  • Ultrachat

Created for Ultrashock
Wander around as little robots and chat with your fellow developers.

  • TV Chat

Created for PlayUK
Visitors can select from 6 characters and 5 faces.


8. The very very first start of Club Penguin was: Experimental Penguins. This chat was released in July 2000, and created with Macromedia Flash 4.0 and recieved many awards. Two years later we decided to create a new chat based on all the experience gathered from the first chat.