Play CP… Change The World!

28 11 2007

Hello Penguins!

Billybob has came up with brilliant news! It has few sneak peeks about what’s coing to happen. But there will be a brand new way to donate for children who are sick, or poor or need help from other people. So the Club Penguin Staff are going to donate over$1 Million dollars to these children and help the environment! They called it: “Coins For Change!”. It’s not to donate to become a member only… you can donate with Club Penguin coins during the game! That’s really awesome news! 😀 More information will be published tomorrow and at the Club Penguin Homepage. Maybe they’ll give free items for non-members and members for those who donate?

Anyway, I hope that you’re feeling the cold of Christmas (or feeling in the mood for surfing or swimming in Australia!). I’m planning a whole new way to participate at the next game of “Avatar Penguins”!

Don’t forget to vote for me at:

Waddle on… and change the world!

🙂 Yellow Crown




4 responses

28 11 2007

Wow i have 2443 coins i will donate all mine

28 11 2007

I deleted my cpblogconest because i got SO many spam comments.

30 11 2007

Want me to post the yellow puff?

1 12 2007

Hey yellow crwon can you add me to your blogroll?

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