The New Room!

18 11 2007

The Stage:

The Stage at last is here in Club Penguin! Here are my pictures:

screenhunter_034.gif< When I saw it for the first time I tought that it will be awesome!

screenhunter_029.gif< There were no penguins selling the tickets so I selled and buyed one for myself! šŸ˜†

screenhunter_033.gif< I LOVED it! It will have a new script every month and you can control the lights and you can change the TV’s channels! But its sounds sucks! YUCK!!

The Stage’s New Features:

screenhunter_035.gif<There is a script and the costume tank or costume truck or something…

screenhunter_031.gifIf you click on the Puffles on the top of the screen…

A YELLOW PUFFLE APPEARS! A.K.A. The Puffle Of The Opera as said by legoless.Yes, it’s the yellow puffle.. again this time the peek-a-boo game is more easy…

screenhunter_036.gif< This is the most boring part of the stage… THE SCRIPTS! Everyone can enjoy a 1000 play at the same time! There are too much fuss! But I think that it will stop in about 1 month. When Club Penguin makes a new feature all penguins act ike that… remember when the Tour Guides feature was published? Now, you can hardly find a tour guide! The same story happened when the stage at the Lighthouse was done!

screenhunter_037.gif< The Costume Trunk has…

screenhunter_038.gif COOL NEW COSTUMES!



screenhunter_044.gif< The New Furniture Catalouge is out but it only has 2 new furniture! They are: The Cash Register and the painting stuff!

screenhunter_042.gifscreenhunter_043.gif< The Igloo Upgrades weren’t good too! They just put an old igloo

back to sock- I mean: stock.

I have COOL NEWS for you! But maybe you can wait for that till tomorrow. Thanks for the “WE Miss You!” comments, I made me continue the mission of the blog more happy!

Dress Up Your Puffles! [Oops! I wrote a hint about “my CP”! šŸ˜³]

Yellow Crown




6 responses

18 11 2007

Wow big post!

18 11 2007

say it with me

oh and check out my blog it is really funny
for ages 12 and up
this means you!!! šŸ˜›

19 11 2007

COOL! I love the new room! I added u to my blogroll šŸ™‚ could you maybe add me?? that would be more than nice from you šŸ™‚

21 11 2007

Nice new theme

21 11 2007

sweet pictures but they are a little blurry
if u go to shrinkpictures .com then u can easy resize em.
also thanks for the monkey logo it looks monkeytastic šŸ˜€

22 11 2007

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