Yellow Crown is coming back!

10 11 2007

Hello this is Fosters1537. I got a message from Yellow Crown. Well it was a email. The email was from one of his programs so he did not use intrnet for this email. He told me that he would be back! Thank god!! Anyways here is the brand new stuff in Club penguin rigth now.


Here is Rockhoppers new items!

Also the plaza is undercostructin and will be done november 16!

The new pin is a ufo and it is in the dance loudge!

Also click this link if you would like to read the newspaper.

Waddle on! fosters1537-one of the workers on this blog




4 responses

12 11 2007
Alvis Br

for yellow crown: good job on getting 2000 hits!!!! Plz visit my blog, its no way as good as yours but its a start:

12 11 2007
perpear (not logged in)

I’m glad Yellow Crown’s coming back! Woo Hoo!

12 11 2007


14 11 2007

yuppy yup yup

yup yup

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