2 11 2007

November… always a curios construction… a new game and a new mission, just like last year’s. But this time even more strange things happening:

  • A Yellow Puffle (who loves the ‘peek-a-boo game).
  • A Construction At The Plaza (another building about “Hollywood”).
  • A New Mission About ____ (fill in the blanks) and the white fur.

But Yellow Crown still wants more sneak peeks, and he did!

Here is what I found:

  • < a plan about stage and “Actors Needed Soon!” sign:
  • a yellow puffle: read the post below the post below.
  • And something that neither chewittt found out about it:

“Club Penguin Jobs> Multi Player Game Developer”:

The Club Penguin Staff needs people to have a job as a Multi Player Developer! Yes! The next game is going to be a Multi Player one! Yippee!!

  • An the last one… a new puffle: the yellow puffle!
  • Oh, this surely is the last one: a new creature in Club Penguin. hmm… :S Maybe Polar Bears?
  • Sry, this WILL be the last one: you can enter to a ninja in November?

See you later guys!

Yellow Crown




One response

3 11 2007

sup yellowcrown one question, I am doing an super green party and I asked if you would like to join? everyone has to wear green for further info pls go on my website ! I am a friend of alvisbr^^ green greens is also probably coming!

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