Waddle Around… Meet Scary Sites!

2 10 2007

Haloween Party Sneak Peek!

This is a sneak peek that Billybob sent yesterday! The location is the: Forest! He took the upper-part of the room!

What do you think guys? I remember the last Halween Party! It was extra spooky! It was in the dark! I would never imagine a better idea abut Haloween! Altough… Billybob said that this month is cool like last year’s October.

 Maybe this party will be at the night? Also! Don’t forget the: Costume Catalog,Snow And Sports Catalog, 2nd Birthday Party, and also a brand new way how to decorate your penguin! And this blog will have a new page! It will be… about hint of CP’s Future! 😉

Waddle Around… Meet Scary Sites!

*Yellow Crown*

* Click on my name and you’ll be teleported to meet BIG surprise!




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