new halloween stuff!!

23 10 2007

Hello my name is fosters1537 and i am offically the new adminastor on this website. i am proud to sponser yellow crowns cp blog and since he is busy at the moment i will be posting the new stuff for him. also if you want to check out my club penguin blog it is . heres the halloween stuff coming up rigth now.

the pin is at the cave


before starting get a basket at the snow forts.


the first candy is at the pizza parjor.


the second candy is at the coffe shop.


the 3rd candy is at the forest


the 4th candy is at the becon


the 5th candy is at the ski lodge


the 6th candy is at the dance club. click the green puffle and a question will come up. click happy halloween.

the 7th candy is at the mountain.


the 8th pin is at the cove. i do not have a picture so just click on the binoculars at the cove on the lifeguard chair.

here are the free items.502.jpg51.jpg52.jpg

the scaf is the item you get when you get all eigth candys. also yellow crown has another website called so check it out and my blog is . waddle on!!


4/5 Awsome Parties In 1 Season!

18 10 2007

Halloween COOL Sneak Peek!

The 4 parties are: Fall Fair (done) 2nd Anniversary (item: party hat), Halloween Party, Unknown Party, Christmas party! PLUS a mission! PLUS a new program at “My CP”!

Also, pls be my beta tester of the “Avatar Penguins!”

Yellow Crown

The CP’s Newspaper 104th Issue

11 10 2007



The Newspaper Cover


>>Heads Up! (Page A1)<<

Tomorrow is the day to release the brand new way to decorate your penguin! “It’s a twist for the Halloween Costumes” said a penguin.  I think that penguins have a hair but… hmm… maybe!

>>Winners Announced!(Page A4)<<

The Costume Contest is over and the winners are announced! Well Done Winners! Hope that your’e one of them!

>>Another Costume Contest!(Page A6)<<

 Again, wear scary,silly,funky,funny and much more!

>>Featured Game(B1)<<

Sled Racing tis this week’s featured game. It’s one of the first multiplayer game.

>>Ask Aunt Arctic<< 

Why did the gamed were gone after the Fall Fair? What is your highscores and more? Aunt Arctic responds!






8 10 2007

Yahoo! Yay! OMG! I can’t belive it! It’s the first 1,000 hits! And I began this blog few days ago!

And for that surprises are coming! More posts In Thursday about thebrand new way to decorate your penguin! I can’t wait!

Also, The “Avatar Penguins” BETA will be published soon! (not many days left!!!)


*Yellow Crown*

*Celebrating the first 1,000 hits.


5 10 2007


They’re out! And all penguins once again can buy the Halloween Costumes! And the new ones are awsome! Here are the new items!

Info about the “Halloween  Party Invitaion” will be soon posted!

Waddle ON!

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Just A Tny ClickWill Teleport You In A Huge Surprise!

Just click here–> . 

1fiddy’s hacking is now history?

3 10 2007

😀 Gr8 NEWS! 😀

No more being afraid of 1fiddy! Yes! 1fiddy’s job is now stopped! Now all penguins are now safe about being banned! That’s all for now!

*Yellow Crown* 

Waddle Around… Meet Scary Sites!

2 10 2007

Haloween Party Sneak Peek!

This is a sneak peek that Billybob sent yesterday! The location is the: Forest! He took the upper-part of the room!

What do you think guys? I remember the last Halween Party! It was extra spooky! It was in the dark! I would never imagine a better idea abut Haloween! Altough… Billybob said that this month is cool like last year’s October.

 Maybe this party will be at the night? Also! Don’t forget the: Costume Catalog,Snow And Sports Catalog, 2nd Birthday Party, and also a brand new way how to decorate your penguin! And this blog will have a new page! It will be… about hint of CP’s Future! 😉

Waddle Around… Meet Scary Sites!

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