29 09 2007

My friend Per Pear is banned forever! But why? Who? When? Nobody knows! Try to help Per Pear! He made me that Header!!! I’ll give you rewards!!! Please Help!




6 responses

29 09 2007
Cool Cruis

i dunn o

29 09 2007
Yellow Crown

I know how! No really I know how!

29 09 2007

i know what we should do but the thing is its that perpear has to do it. he will email them on contact cp saying he did not ban his pengin at all and he will give them his user and password and thats how he will probally get unbanned

29 10 2007

hey yellow crown i sent you an e-mail so just go on the website and fixit up any time you want!

29 10 2007

okay i will call club penguin help and tell them what will the reward be?


29 10 2007

i figuerd out why per pair got banned thgot banned because of ade lady said he/she got banned because of advetisment and swearing sorry buddy

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