Fall Fair!

24 09 2007

“the new fair is so awsome! there are six games that i will explain to all of you!

the first one is called whack a puffle or something like that and it is located at the snow forts. you whack a pufffle with a paddle ball stick and the if you keep on doing it then two puffles come down1 dont let them drop or else when you are hitting the other puffle you only get one ticket per hit.

the next game is called test your strength! you just test it and it is located at the dock i am pretty sure. if its not leave a comment.

the next game is called feed a puffle. in this game you have one hundreed puffle O’s. feed them you your puffle and earn tickets! warning the pink is really hard!

the next game is called puffle shuffle. in this game the puffles hide in hats. they then are shuffled around and when the hats stop it says choose a hat and it says like for example choose a pink puffle. thats how that game goes.

another game is called card matching game which is located at the beach. you click on the cards and try to match them. it is sort of hard at first. i helpful tip to that game is remember what all the cards are and it will be alot easier. the less trys you do before you win and find all the cards the more tickets you can get!

the last game i didnt find. also WARNING!!! dont log of with hard earned coins or else you will lose all your coins! ‘

also there are more prizes goming to the prize booth which is located at the plaza and you just walk over. also ballet biscits brand new name is hydrohopper. be sure to check out the party because the cp team said it is the biggest party they has ever done for club penguin!

waddle on! fosters1537!”

Well, I’ll post some pictures because Friday was a terrific day! Even my “My CP” will be terrific! Post comments about what do you think that “My CP” is! My new e-mail is yellowcrown@gmail.com About Thursday/Friday I’ll tell you what’s “my CP”! And also please stay tuned for news about this new type how to decorate your penguin! I’ve added a page! Please enter it!


*Yellow Crown*

Hint: Check out my comment > HERE!




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24 09 2007

Theres been a slight change for my party. Go to my site for the info.

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