BIG Fair Awaits! (Update)

18 09 2007

Hi Fellas!

Billybob promised the Next Party’s Sneak Peek: The Fall Fair’s Party! And he did! And here it is:

The Party's Sneak Peek!

Billybob named this picture: “Carnival Party” . That’s strange. 🙄 I know that a fair is like a carnival but not just like a carnival! But… maybe it is! I get it! In the U.K. there’s a carnival at summer. Maybe in Club Penguin, it’s in fall! It’s silly to paint the Lighthouse! Doesn’t it?

In other News: At the post below, I posted the first party’s invitation! If some of the penguins listed are not coming, it’s not a problem! Because I am planning 2 more partys! The Haloween Party and The Christmas Party! But I’m not sure I’m going to make the Haloween party, because I don’t like Haloween much. The Christmas Party shall be graet! But my family is planning a holiday for Christmas.

Yes! Both of the parties will be held!

Stay Tuned!

*Yellow Crown*




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18 09 2007
Yellow Crown


18 09 2007


23 09 2007

Yellow Crown, I made you a Header for the Theme Freshly by Jide.
Here ya go:

23 09 2007

Sorry about your header, it got cut off, here, try this one.

23 09 2007

The first header wasn’t the same size as this one, but I edited this one and it should fit better. Use the link above on the other comment.

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