100th Newspaper!

14 09 2007

Yes it is! The 100th Issue! Wow! Does time flies? I remember when the Newspaper was celebrating the 50th issue! But this time , the celebration is bigger!

The 100th Newspaper

>> Fall Fair Approaching<<
The first Fall Fair ever in Club penguin, will begin in September 21st till October 1st! 

>>Game Renamed!<<

Balastic Biscuit, one of the oldest game in Club Penguin, will have its new name: Hydro-Hopper. The game will change its name at September 21st.

>>Aunt Arctic’s Review!<<

As its the 100th Issue, Aunt Arctic has made a review! Just like the 50th Newspaper? No! It’s in a penguinfully mavelous different way!


The last puzzle was that one of the names of the Cathn’  Waves tricks. Now? It’s The Newspaper’s Issue again! Try to unscramble Aunt Arctic with her sign in her hands: “100th ISSUE!”

In other news: Check out the Boiler Room! More info tomorrow!


Hope your’e celebrating the 100 th Issue of the Newspaper in The Boiler Room!

*Yellow Crown*





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