Rockhopper will be landing!

12 09 2007

Rockhopper is Coming! 

As you see at the picture above, Rockhopper will be landing tomorrow! Yes! And he’ll bring a free item as he always do! And (maybe) a new furniture and new clothes for members! He’ll also bring more cargo (and yell because penguins opened one of the boxes! :lol:) Anyway, Billybob will be posting a “Party Sneak Peek” in a week!

Stay Tuned!

*Yellow Crown*




5 responses

12 09 2007

Hi Yellowcrown. I was wondering about, when you log on to Fosters1537’s account, how do you make it so when you post something it says Posted by: perpear in the top? Thanks. Please comment back on my blog.

12 09 2007

cool! and thanks for posting the new stuuf!

13 09 2007

I still can’t post things even though im the administrator. I don’t get it?

14 09 2007

i cant see the image above. 😡 some blocking thingy on my computer AGAIN! where do these things come from????????????????????????????????????????

15 09 2007
Yellow Crown

Um… maybe my picture isnt good to view in other computers… maybe I’ll fix it!

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