My Club Penguin!

30 09 2007

Club Penguin is in your hands! Club Penguin is in my hands and everyone’s hands!



The Power Point that let’s you edit Club Penguin as you like!

1. Dress your Penguin!

a. Be like a member

b. Get RARE clothes!

c. Be as old as you like!

d. Be a Beta Tester!

e. Be rare!


ย 2. Edit your igloo!

a. Get old/rare furniture

ย b. Be like a member

c. Make your igloo like a Dance Club/Restaurant/Shop/Mall and more!

d. Make Fireworks!



3. Edit Club Penguin’s rooms!

a. Edit every room in Club Penguin!

b. Put as many penguins as you like!

c. Make Parties!

d. Add games!

e. Insert Puffles!

f. Add a new room!



4. Dress Your Puffles!

a. Wear puffles loads of clothes!

b. Choose from lots of coloured puffles, fat puffles, funny puffles, and more!

c. Make fun of it!

d. Edit its mouth,eyes and hair!

e. Sell it and let other penguins adopt it!



Edit The Newspaper!

a. Make new articles!

b. Make comics!

c. Make your own blog’s newspaper!

d. Colour the newspaper!

e. Make your newspaper’s a new logo!

f. Share it with your waddling friends!

g. More!


Make Your Own Banner/Picture And More!

1. More information soon!



If you are really exited about this tell your friends! And you can have extra features!

Who is making “My CP“? Yellow Crown (me!)


Lots of more news at the blog and more coming soon!

Stay Waddling!

*Yellow Crown*



29 09 2007

1. New Prizes!

< I used my coming soon software: Avatar Penguins! :mrgreen

2. Furniture And Igloo Updates!

The blender always moves like this:

and the Igloo Upgrades!:

<this is an example of “Leaves And Dirt”

I believe that the penguin’s igloo is now like a Vigloo (villa). LOL! ๐Ÿ˜†


Located at to Snow Forts on the left-side sand castle.

Waddle On! (and for perpear: “Count On Me!”)

Yellow Crown

PS: PerPear, check the Downlaods page! ๐Ÿ˜‰


29 09 2007

My friend Per Pear is banned forever! But why? Who? When? Nobody knows! Try to help Per Pear! He made me that Header!!! I’ll give you rewards!!! Please Help!

Party News!

24 09 2007

ย Here is the Party News:

< Playing Hockey with Per Pear!

< The gifts from Perpear! They were cool! He gave me a wii and a plasma screen tv! I’ve left them at my igloo. The picture will be shown at “LOL Pics” fosters1537 was at the Town and he has in a hurrey! I wonder why…

Enjoy The Fall Fair!

Yellow Crown

Fall Fair!

24 09 2007

“the new fair is so awsome! there are six games that i will explain to all of you!

the first one is called whack a puffle or something like that and it is located at the snow forts. you whack a pufffle with a paddle ball stick and the if you keep on doing it then two puffles come down1 dont let them drop or else when you are hitting the other puffle you only get one ticket per hit.

the next game is called test your strength! you just test it and it is located at the dock i am pretty sure. if its not leave a comment.

the next game is called feed a puffle. in this game you have one hundreed puffle Oโ€™s. feed them you your puffle and earn tickets! warning the pink is really hard!

the next game is called puffle shuffle. in this game the puffles hide in hats. they then are shuffled around and when the hats stop it says choose a hat and it says like for example choose a pink puffle. thats how that game goes.

another game is called card matching game which is located at the beach. you click on the cards and try to match them. it is sort of hard at first. i helpful tip to that game is remember what all the cards are and it will be alot easier. the less trys you do before you win and find all the cards the more tickets you can get!

the last game i didnt find. also WARNING!!! dont log of with hard earned coins or else you will lose all your coins! โ€˜

also there are more prizes goming to the prize booth which is located at the plaza and you just walk over. also ballet biscits brand new name is hydrohopper. be sure to check out the party because the cp team said it is the biggest party they has ever done for club penguin!

waddle on! fosters1537!”

Well, I’ll post some pictures because Friday was a terrific day! Even my “My CP” will be terrific! Post comments about what do you think that “My CP” is! My new e-mail is About Thursday/Friday I’ll tell you what’s “my CP”! And also please stay tuned for news about this new type how to decorate your penguin! I’ve added a page! Please enter it!


*Yellow Crown*

Hint: Check out my comment > HERE!

BIG Fair Awaits! (Update)

18 09 2007

Hi Fellas!

Billybob promised the Next Party’s Sneak Peek: The Fall Fair’s Party! And he did! And here it is:

The Party's Sneak Peek!

Billybob named this picture: “Carnival Party” . That’s strange. ๐Ÿ™„ I know that a fair is like a carnival but not just like a carnival! But… maybe it is! I get it! In the U.K. there’s a carnival at summer. Maybe in Club Penguin, it’s in fall! It’s silly to paint the Lighthouse! Doesn’t it?

In other News: At the post below, I posted the first party’s invitation! If some of the penguins listed are not coming, it’s not a problem! Because I am planning 2 more partys! The Haloween Party and The Christmas Party! But I’m not sure I’m going to make the Haloween party, because I don’t like Haloween much. The Christmas Party shall be graet! But my family is planning a holiday for Christmas.

Yes! Both of the parties will be held!

Stay Tuned!

*Yellow Crown*

Let’s Party On!

17 09 2007

Yes! It is time to party twice! And who’s invited,why, when,where? OK, here is the invitation!:

Note: Sorry that I didn’t post news on Friday! I had a busy weeekend!

Hope I’ll see you at the party!

*Yelow Crown*