Guessed It!

30 08 2007

The Newspaper

>>Sports Shop Update!<<

The Sports Shop is going to have a new cool appearence and a new feature! Choose/Buy a wakeboard and go sportn’ at the “Balastic Biscuit” Game with your new wakeboard! Updates will be finished on Friday! So be sure to check it out! More info on page A3 and A4.

>>Camping Party Review<<

This page has a review about the latest party: Camp Penguin or Camping Party! Penguins said about their favourite part of the party! More info on page A4 and A5

>>Featured Game: Astro Barrier<<

Astro Barrier is this week’s featured game on the newspaper. It’s one of the oldest game in Club Penguin! And one of the most likely game for penguins. It also has secret levels and Advanced levels! The game is located at the right side vedio game at the Dance Lounge (upstairs of the Night Club). More info at pages B1 and B2

>>Aunt Arctic<<

As always, the most famour author in The penguin Times is Aunt Arctic that again answered the penguins’s questions. She answered questions about the first time that Rockhopper lands (I remember that week!) and about Thin Ice game hints! So be sure to check it out at pages: B3, B4 and B5.

For Poetry, Riddles, Jokes and Poems read the other pages.

Yay For The Sports Shop!

*Yellow Crown*

P.S. : Aha! Guessed for the second time! so be sure to explore this blog because you’ll be knowing the future ! Also Perpear and I opened the blog:




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