Sports Shop’s Update Hint!

29 08 2007

Hello Penguins!

I have just been waiting for Billybob’s new post for his blog! And worth the wait! Here this is a picture that Billybob shared with us about The Sports Shop’s Update! Here is a hint:

Sports Shop's Hint Update!

Hmm.. well this mini game is a sport… and the catchn’ waves, and the hockey. I think we should buy that circle! I ment, the circle is always red… and so at the new update, we can buy a yellow one or other colours?

He also said that there is a new pink puffle’s shirt (alert for cp girls fans!) and that there will be lots of cool stuff at the fun stuff page.  If you aren’t understanding about these pages here are the web adresses:

Fun Stuff Page

CP’s Official Web 

CP’s Shop Page 

Also, Perpear, Fosters1537 and i were planning to open a new blog and share it between us. I’ll still post in this blog! Don’t worry! Questions (comments) will be responded soon. And the “LOL PICS!” Page will be added soon! I am busy with my school project! But I’ll promise that I’ll add them soon!

Stay Tuned!

😎 *Yellow Crown* 😎




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