Camp Penguin

25 08 2007

Woa! The Camping Party is great! But the negative pint is that there are many rooms not decorated especially the indoors rooms :-(. But the outdoors are great you know! πŸ˜€

Any way my favourite part is the Dock! Wow! Oh! I forgot 2 other negative pints! One: It’s will be vanished on Monday! And the Pizza Parlor has its worst nightmare! It has been changed into “Mess Hall”! But mostly of the party is great! Enjoy it until it lasts! The free item is the Marshmellow On A Stick and it’s located at the Cove.

Also, I am planning cool this to this blog! Woa! I don’t know which one I’ll begin!

Enjoy Camping!

Yellow Crown πŸ˜›




4 responses

25 08 2007

i do not like the mess hall at all!! it sucks!

27 08 2007
Yellow Crown


27 08 2007
Yellow Crown

Hey! I posted a post! What on wordpress?

27 08 2007

i hope the cp camping adveture will have a new item.

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